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About Ourika Valley

Located 30 kilometers south of Marrakech, Ourika Valley is part of the Moroccan High Atlas and is one of the most visited sites of the High Atlas. The Ourika Valley is most accessible from Marrakech, and as such it has a few hotel complexes. Tourists flock there precisely because of its very preserved nature and mountain lifestyle, as well as the many small Berber and Chleuh villages scattered throughout the valley.

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Ourika valley Tour

This area has one of the most fertile valleys on this planet. Apart from being fertile, the valley is also ranked among the greenest and the most stunning valleys in the region. It is rich in vegetation. Olive trees, fruit trees, and orchards are commonly found there. The scenic beauty of this valley is a treat to the eyes, mesmerizing its onlooker. The winding water body flowing at the foot of the mountain adds to the beauty and the serenity of this valley.

The amalgamation of different colors of nature gives a breathtaking experience. Different shades of green can be seen beautifully covering the reddish hues of the earth. They are dotted with different colored fruit from the vast variety of crops in the area. Also, the Atlas Mountains provide a pearly grey background with its magnificent white summits touching the mesmerizing blue sky. This view makes the entire valley luminous and radiant and fills it with colors and magnificence. The serene sound of the flowing water gives a soothing and relaxing vibe making this an unforgettable experience.

If you want to tingle your taste buds with Berber cuisine or just want to sit and refresh yourselves, then you will find different cafes and restaurants along the pathway of the river. On a particularly hot day, you will find many Moroccan families enjoying themselves by setting up their small rock island in the heart of the river and enjoying the cool water flowing beneath them. They usually gather together and chat about their daily excursions while their feet are constantly touching the cool, fresh, flowing water originating from the spectacular snowy peaks of the Atlas.

Setti Fatma day Tour

Want to visit the stunning waterfalls in this area, then head over to Setti-Fatma. This is one of the small towns in this region and is considered the initial point for discovering the waterfalls. The area has a total of seven spectacular waterfalls. The first one is seen quite quickly and is pretty easy to access and navigate. But if you want to explore the remaining six waterfalls, you will have to go along the winding path deeper into the heart of the mountain.

This particular excursion to the waterfalls is filled with many surprises and is an adventure in itself. A true treat for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Completing the journey requires great skill, a lot of balancing, and several jumps as well. It is a bit time-consuming and sometimes can take several hours to complete.

The beautiful landscapes, serene environment, calming atmosphere, and silence are well worth the effort and time. If you consider yourself an adventure seeker and in good physical health, then do go with the different tours offered in this area. They vary in intensity and time too, catering to the different needs and requirements of different people. Going on this adventure will surely quench your thirst for relaxation and raw nature. It will be a one-in-a-lifetime experience and you will cherish this experience till the end of time.


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